Joining Tennis Wollongong
  • Anyone can register to become a member of Tennis Wollongong.
  • To play within a Tennis Wollongong competition, tournament or championship you must be a registered member of Tennis Wollongong 
  • Registration is for each financial year (July to June).

Registration Fees for July 2018 to June 2019. 

Paid before 1 Jan in
financial year
Paid after 31 dec in
financial year
Adult $34 $17
Junior $20 $10
Senior $27 $14
Download a Registration Form

Click here to download a Tennis Wollongong Registration form.  To also join Tennis NSW (at no extra charge), you need to also join Tennis Wollongong online.


Team Fees

Competition Team Entry Fees
To play within a Tennis Wollongong competition your team must pay a Team Entry Fee
Saturday Juniors - except Davis Cup teams
Saturday Juniors Davis Cup teams
Saturday Afternoon Mixed $70.00
Mixed Wednesday Night - (each player plays 4 sets)
Mixed Wednesday Night - (each player plays 3 sets)
Ladies Mid-Week - competition 1 of the calendar year
Ladies Mid-Week - competition 2 of the calendar year


Pool Players

You can join an adult competition as a pool player, who can be contacted by any team for which you are eligible to play as a borrowed player.  See the application form on the Documents, Forms and Rules tab under Information with more details and the joining fee.


Payment Methods

Fees can be paid via the following methods: 

  • Cheque or Money Order sent to Tennis Wollongong, PO Box 7025, Gwynneville NSW 2500
  • Payment via Credit or EFTPOS card.  Visit or phone during office hours.  There will be a 4% surcharge on these transactions.
  • Bank Transfer to the following account:
Account Name:
Tennis Wollongong
Account Number: 12624 6412
*** If you transfer funds electronically you must email  to confirm details of the payment.***
Note: Fees can be paid directly to Tennis Wollongong.  In some cases fees will be accepted from you by your Club and then forwarded to Tennis Wollongong by the Club.  You are still responsible for the fees being received by Tennis Wollongong even if you pay the fee to your Club.  If players in a competition are found to be unregistered, points will be deducted from competition results of the team.  If Teams are entered into a competition and the Team Entry fee is not paid, that team can have competition points deducted.


Tennis NSW Membership

You can choose to become a member of Tennis NSW if you want to be covered by their accident insurance. Membership of Tennis NSW does not involve extra cost but does involve giving them your details.

To join Tennis NSW, you must apply to join Tennis Wollongong online through To join Tennis Wollongong online, go to and click on join or login.  When you are logged in, enter your profile page (the link is under your login name top right) and click on memberships on the left side of that page. That will take you to a button to find a court. Click on that and put in a postcode of 2500 and then select the Gwynneville address followed by clicking search. A number of clubs in the area should appear and choose one of the many clubs affiliated to Tennis Wollongong Inc and click on the join this club link.  Follow the directions but choose cash as the method of payment. Your membership will be accepted when you have paid us by any of the methods listed on the renewal form. When we receive your payment we will accept your membership to us and Tennis NSW. You can pay us before you apply online or after you apply online and you can make your payment to us by direct credit (bank transfer) or cheque or cash or credit card (with a 4% card fee).



To play in a competition you need to pay the following fees:

  1. Tennis Wollongong registration fee
  2. Your share of the team fee for the competition
  3. Your club membership fee

Fees 1 and 2 are payable to Tennis Wollongong, or for some juniors, to your coach or club who will pass it on to us.

Fee 3 is payable to your Tennis Club.