An explanation of handicaps in tennis

Click here to read a paper on handicaps in tennis that goes on to explain how Tennis Wollongong uses handicaps and how they are determined and adjusted by the committee.

The document available here shows a summary of the results obtained by the players in the current (or previous) Wednesday night competition. It is the output of a spreadsheet that contains information about the results obtained by players shown in various columns. The columns are: TW# -> Tennis Wollongong id of the player; Name -> of the player; sts -> number of sets played in the team; hcp -> handicap; delhc -> shows how far the handicap should be adjusted to get the results expected using the existing handicap for that team, if that is the only handicap changed; cpt# computer number of player in team; swon -> sets won; slost -> sets lost; gwon -> games won; glost -> games lost; home_ct -> Team name; mtch -> number of matches played; 6to5 -> number of 6-5 sets won; 5to6 -> number of 6-5 sets lost; ge -> gender; fn -> financial status; Dname -> name of division. The highlighted players have played in more than one team. This document may be updated throughout the competition with the date of output on the bottom of every page.

Wednesday night competition 3-set divisions

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