Performance Reports for Current Junior Competition

The reports below list the player and team performances for the current Saturday morning Competitions.  Note: the delhc column shows relative performance. (A player with a negative number is performing better than average). Note that these tables are generated on Fridays using the results received before noon.


Teams Statistics 


Player Statistics

The documents below show a summary of the results obtained by the players in the current (or previous) Junior competitions. They are outputs of spreadsheets that contain information about the results obtained by players shown in various columns. The columns are:
TW# -> Tennis Wollongong id of the player;
Name -> of the player;
sts -> number of sets played;
delhc -> delta handicap ([games lost - games won] divided by matches played, lower is better);
Div -> division number;
cpt# -> computer number of player in team;
swon -> sets won;
slost -> sets lost;
gwon -> games won;
glost -> games lost;
home_ct -> Team name;
mtch -> number of matches played;
6to5 -> number of 6-5 sets won;
5to6 -> number of 6-5 sets lost;
ge -> gender;
fn -> financial status;
Dname -> name of division.
These documents will be updated throughout the competition with the date of output on the bottom of every page.

Davis Cup Divisions

Mixed Divisions

Girls Divisions

Boys Divisions

 Beginners Divisions including under 10s



The attached documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. To view and print them you require the Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, please click on the icon below.