Saturday Junior Competitions

Our Saturday Junior competitions are available to any people 21 or under. The current competitions run mixed boy/girl divisions in all competitions except the specific boy and girl competitions. Beginner divisions are also available for those new to Tennis.

A minimum of two people are required for each team except for beginner teams that require at least 3 people.

Play starts at either 8.30 am, 10.30 am or 12.30 pm on Saturdays.

All results are to be submitted on the score sheets provided with the point score calculated and entered in the boxes on the form. You can email a scanned (or photographed in bright light and high resolution) copy of both sides of the result sheet  to, or deposit the original sheet at the Association Office in the Sports Medicine Clinic at the Beaton Park Leisure Centre, or leave it at reception in the Beaton Park Leisure Centre. For wet matches and drawn matches, the home team is responsible for submitting a result sheet. For other matches the winning team is responsible for submitting a result sheet.

Whilst forfeits are disappointing, if your team is unable to participate in the major or minor finals series due to Covid-19 isolation or a state team event, please notify Tennis Wollongong by email and your opponents.


Winter 2024 Junior Competitions - Starting on 4th May 2024.

Competition Information sheet
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Point Scores
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Player Performance
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Davis Cup Divisions    
Davis Cup A Davis Cup B Davis Cup C
Mixed Divisions    
Mixed 1 Mixed 2 Mixed 3
Mixed 4 Mixed 5 Mixed 6
Boys' Divisions    
Boys 1    
Girls' Division    
Girls 1    
Beginners' Division    

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Team Entry Form

Download a Saturday Juniors team nomination form

Note: Changes for current competition:

  1. Beginners – No Add deuce with receivers choice for game point and no tie-break (first to 6 games).
  2. Beginner divisions all play with GREEN balls.
  3. All Team fees will be $30 plus $10 per team member for player registration.


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Yearly Awards

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Representative Results

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Grand Final Results

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Rules and Forms

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