2009 Representative Results


Event Team Members Results
2009 Tennis NSW South East Region Inter-Association Competition 16 Boys
Thomas Stratton
Brendan Smith
Andrew Oliver
  16 Girls
Katelyn Head
Elisa Proust
  14 Girls
Ashleigh Cambridge
Stephanie Pazarkoska
  14 Boys Matt Harrington
Nathan Paull
  12 Boys
Team 1
Matt Stratton
Paul Mulligan
  12 Boys
Team 2
Sam Errington
Blayne Sawywer
Tim Tschentscher
  12 Girls
Team 1
Mary Stanley
Lauren Smileski
Stephanie Krkovski
  12 Girls
Team 2
Lily Tuivaga
Brooke Winley
  10 Boys
Team 1
Alexander Pazarkoski
Jayden Smileski
  10 Boys
Team 2
Harry Smith
Zac Rouse
Brandon McConnell
  10 Girls Renee McBryde
Kayla Randall
Courtney Jones
2009 Slazenger
Inter-District Competition
Life Members Cup Ray Reay
Bob McWhinnie
Ken Kirkwood
Ian King
Geoff Trott
2009 Tennis NSW South East Region
Webb & Wilton Competition
  Thomas Stratton
Andrew Oliver
Mackenzie Edwards
Kristina Prentoska
Gaby Hooker
Rochelle Morris
came 3rd



Congratulations to our winning Inter Association teams.  

At Beaton Park on Sunday 27/9/09 the 12 girls (team 2), 12 boys and 16 girls teams all won their finals. 
The 16 boys teams have yet to play Kiama while the 14 boys, 14 girls and 12 Girls (team 1) unfortunately went down in.
The 12 boys

The 12 girls Finalists
(1st and 2nd)

The 14 boys

The 14 girls

The 16 girls

 The 16 boys (1st)  


Well done to all of our teams for playing this year.


Best Overall Performance of the Year

Each year Tennis Wollongong awards a boy and a girl an award for the best overall performance

Year Boy Girl
2009 Matt Stratton Lily Tuivaga
2008 Thomas Stratton Dominique Pezzutto


Representative Players of the Year

Each year Tennis Wollongong awards a boy and a girl an award for the best performance representing Tennis Wollongong.

Year Boy Girl
2009 Paul Mulligan Stephanie Pazarkoska
2008 Lachlan Morris Gaby Hooker
2007 Thomas Stratton Gaby Hooker
2006 Thomas Stratton Kristina Prentoska
2005 Sebastian Jovanovski  
2004 Thomas Stratton  


Representative Sportsmanship Award

Each year Tennis Wollongong awards a player the Best Sportsmanship while representing Tennis Wollongong.

Year Winner
2009 Katelyn Head
2008 Ross Yeoman
2007 Matthew Harrington
2006 Kristina Prentoska